7 Stylish Sunglasses for Men | Best Brands and Trends

Stylish Sunglasses for Men are always in fashion. Are you going to work or the workplace, want some party on weekends, or invited to a wedding? Or are you planning for a beach visit or sports activities? Then your style accessories are incomplete without Stylish Sunglasses for Men.

And for this, you must know about Men’s Sunglasses Trends. This guide will help you to find 7 Best Brands and Trends of Stylish Sunglasses for Men.

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Stylish Sunglasses for Men

“Boost Your Style and Protect Your Eyes”

Stylish Sunglasses for Men:

A good pair of Stylish Sunglasses for Men is essential during every season. Whether you are getting exposure to the sun, bouncing off the snow, or head to a beach weekend, there is always a place for shades.

Even there is a trend to wear sunglasses with stylish hair and a suitable beard style at weddings.

A classy and right pair of contacts is by far the most important style investment to do. For men, it is the second most crucial accessory after watches. The pair of Cool Shades can upgrade any guy’s look and give serious style points.

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Shades for Men

The right pair of shades not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, pollution, and dust but also give your outfit an extra boost. That’s why there is always a need for Stylish Sunglasses for Men.

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Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses frames can be of various shapes; round, square, oval, rectangular. But right now is an incredibly exciting time in the sunglass category because any shape, color, and size go. But choosing the pair of shades is hit-or-miss. Some might look smart on you – others might not.

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Different Shapes of Sunglasses Frames

7 Best Brands and Trends of Stylish Sunglasses for Men:

A wide array of Sunglasses for Men in different styles are available in the eyewear fashion industry. Here is our list of 7 Best Brands of Stylish Sunglasses for Men.

  1. Ray-Ban
  2. Persol
  3. Warby Parker
  4. Oliver Peoples
  5. Tom Ford
  6. Oakley
  7. Prada

So, select a pair according to your choice and requirement. Because it does not only shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Plus, it is one of the first things people notice about your look. So, make that first impression count. Not just men’s but women’s sunglasses are also very demanding and trendy nowadays.

7 Best Brands of Stylish Sunglasses for Men; Sunglasses for Men; Ray-Ban; Persol; Warby Parker; Oliver Peoples; Tom Ford; Oakley; Prada;
7 Best Brands of Stylish Sunglasses for Men

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men:

Ray-Ban is the Best Designer Sunglasses brand in the world. Initially designed for US Air Force pilots in the 1930s, later bought by Italian eyewear giant Luxottica. The Wayfarer, Aviator, and Clubmaster sunglasses are the most popular products offer by the company.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men are the best retro sunglasses. If you don’t like plastic frames, then Ray-Ban has the solution. Metal frames with polarized crystal lenses are available over a dozen different colors to give you options according to your style choice.

That’s why Ray-Ban sunglasses are the top choice for choosing Best Men’s Sunglasses Brands.

Ray-Ban; Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men; Best Designer Sunglasses; Wayfarer; Clubmaster; Best Men's Sunglasses Brands; 7 Best Brands and Trends of Stylish Sunglasses for Men;
Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

2. Persol Sunglasses for Men:

Persol is the best plastic-framed glasses manufacturer. It is an Italian brand and one of the oldest and most respected makers in the eyewear sector. Persol Sunglasses Steve Mcqueen is popular folding sunglasses inspired by the American actor, the legend himself. The brand name “Persol” is derived from the Italian phrase “per il sole,” which means “for the sun” in English.

Persol Polarized Sunglasses are best to be worn on holiday and while doing beach or sports activities. Although Persol shades are expensive, you do get what you pay for Persol. Persol is famous for making durable and trendy sunglasses that last several years. That’s why Persol is the top choice for Best Men’s Sunglasses Brands in the world.

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Persol Sunglasses for Men

3. Warby Parker Sunglasses:

Warby Parker Sunglasses are one of the best makers of the eyewear industry. It is an American manufacturer of sunglasses. Warby Parker Men’s frames are famous as not only well-priced but also stylish sunglasses that give a modern look.

Warby Parker established itself as the budget-friendly and socially-responsible eyewear company. By its buy one, give one (BOGO) business model, the company promises that for every pair of sunglasses sold, a pair will be donated to someone in need (the money goes to charitable institutions or non-profit organizations).

Warby Parker Sunglasses, Warby Parker Mens
Warby Parker Sunglasses for Men

4. Oliver Peoples Men’s Sunglasses:

Oliver Peoples is an American eyewear brand launched in 1987, now owned by Italian eyewear giant Luxottica. Initially, Oliver Peoples started as a Hollywood brand, and now it has become one of the Best Brands of Stylish Sunglasses for Men in the world.

Oliver Peoples Men’s Sunglasses are famous for their different frames and detailing. The sunglasses are expensive because these handcrafted pieces are made from high-quality materials and with the highest dedication.

Oliver Peoples’ designs are creative, inspirational, and retro transformed into a modern-day look. That’s why their frames are frequently seen on today’s most recognizable faces and popular with celebrities, including Tom Cruise, Brad Pit, and Angelina Jolie.

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses for Men, Oliver Peoples Mens Sunglasses
Oliver Peoples Sunglasses for Men

5. Tom Ford Sunglasses:

When we talk about bold and Stylish Sunglasses for Men, then Tom Ford is a synonymous name. Tom Ford himself is a well-known name as one of the most famous and successful designers in the world. In 2005, he launched his own Tom Ford Brand when he left the multi-billion fashion house Gucci in 2004.

The brand offers refined pieces with a small “T” logo that wraps around the arms of the glasses to the front of the frame. Tom Ford Sunglasses have become a style icon over the past few years, as James Bond himself owning a pair.

Tom Ford Sunglasses, Tom Ford Brand
Tom Ford Sunglasses for Men

6. Oakley Sunglasses:

Oakley Sunglasses are the best sports sunglasses, relied upon by countless international athletes. It is also acquired by Italian eyewear giant Luxottica in 2007, which also bought both Ray-Ban and Persol.

The brand offers polycarbonate lenses because, for sporting activities, a pair of goggles with glass lenses are not the best option. Oakley shades are an essential accessory for those who have a more active lifestyle.

Although they are reasonably large, they are lightweight despite their size, and you can comfortably wear them on your face during your outdoor adventures.

Oakley Sunglasses
Oakley Sunglasses for Men

7. Prada Sunglasses for Men:

Prada is a brand of high fashion that needs no introduction. When we talk about class, elegance, and style, then it is Prada. Prada Sunglasses for Men sets the trend season after season with its bold colors, irregular shapes, and innovative designs.

The iconic Italian brand is famous for its luxurious, sophisticated, and up-to-date designs. Due to distinctive looks and timeless appeal, Prada’s eyewear range has been a leader in the fashion industry for many years.

Prada Sunglasses for Men
Prada Sunglasses for Men

I hope our list of Best Brands of Sunglasses will help you choose your desired style. And also will help you to know Men’s Sunglasses Trends. So, grab yourself a pair of Best Men’s Sunglasses and get ready to go to some party, sports, hit the beach — or the mountains. And this is the time to turn your old specs with some new, fresh and bold frames into an essential “backbone” piece of your wardrobe!.

You can also get more designs about Fashion here, So stay with us.

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